০৬/০৯/১৯৯৮-কি চেয়েছিলো তারা?

অফিসারস মেস, বগুড়া

What they wanted?

Did they want to have a very beautiful girl for me! Or they wanted to do some business with their family! Or they wanted to have complete freedom to others as they have freedom to their own hens, cows or goats. Whenever they want to slaughter them, they can do it without the consent of the slaughterer, whereas the slaughterer must have the rights to know about his death.Did they want like this? Then why could not they accept her! She is absolutely a beautiful lady. So this can’t be the reason not to like her. She qualifies the beautiful they way they wanted. Again if they wanted to do some business with her, why should I do it even they wanted to do it! I am not at all greedy for anything given by anyone! So even they had a plan to do so, they could not do it fore me. These people again love me sometimes very deeply. So here also she is not at fault.

 If these people thought the third option to have complete freedom, in that case they have done a great mistake. Because I will never allow anyone to supersede my presence. Neither I will curve her freedom. We want to make a dependent life to each other. Why not to share each other completely! So nothing could work.They did not become happy on our attitude, our behavior and our conduct. Everyone prayed for me, felt for me but none felt for her and afterward my daughter joins with her mother. No one wanted to take any interest and initiative on these two girls. Thereby whenever they used to get some kind of wrong clue where they can punish Mitul, they never used to loose it. They used to complain to me against her. I used to become very emotional and sometimes I used to abuse Mitul very wrongly. She never used to reply it back on the spot. She used to cry only seating beside me. This was the punishment they could achieve.

 Might be they wanted more punishment. But what kind of punishment they wanted? Did they want me to divorce Mitul? Oh God! This is the only thing that I can not do. I love her so much that I can sacrifice the whole world but her. She is the most precious thing to me in this world. Then Ummika. I will not forget ever Mitul. She will be in my heart, in my head, in my illusion always.

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